Ambulance Service Contact Numbers

020 881 3526 or 024 306 4819

Our Services

Services we provide


Our Dietitians are experts in nutrition and are ready to help you make informed decisions related to your diet.


Our Physiotherapy clinic takes care of your physical rehabilitation and improve your health & fitness.

Health Screening

We offer health screening to individuals, groups, institutions and communities.


Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit experts are ready to offer around-the-clock care for your babies.

Fertility Clinic

We have certified and experienced fertility specialists ready to attend to your fertility needs.


Our diagnostic imaging machine delivers instant and clear images that can be interpreted easily.

Ambulance / Emergency Service

We have a well equipped ambulance with trained medics ready to drive to your location during emergencies.

General Consultation

Our experienced and well-trained physicians are always available to attend to your medical needs and requirements.

General Surgery

A state-of-the-art and a well equipped theater with experienced surgeons are ready to carry out surgical operations.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Our obstetrics & gynaecology specialists are available to care for pregnant women and to treat diseases of the female reproductive organs.


Meet pediatricians who are trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases.

Antenatal, Postnatal & Child Welfare

Our highly skilled midwives are always available to take care of expecting mothers and the overall welfare of their babies.


What our Patients say about us

On my way to the Clinic, I planned of spending a couple of hours there for my treatment since that is what literally happens to every health facility I go to. To my surprise, the whole process from registration to my treatment was less than an hour because of the paperless system used at the facility. I was extremely satisfied because I never ever thought I could spend such a short time at any health facility. Thank you, Wesley Clinic, you are doing a great job.

John Nana Sekyi

Just wanted to convey my gratitude to Wesley Clinic for their excellent treatment. I would also like to thank the receptionist, all the medical staff who attended to me while I was there and most importantly the management for such a beautiful facility.

Abena Sarpong Mensah